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All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling


Let's capture your story of love

Welcome to Sanja's Visuals. I believe in memories, the everlasting moments that will be with you forever. Memories guide us in the past for a few seconds to wonder off as a quick reminder. With my photography work I take care, that memories don't fade and bring a smile and tears to our faces.

My work is romantic, sensual and dreamy. I mainly prefer to create with natural light and catch genuine and spontaneous moments. I have my own way with those who need a bit of relaxation on a wedding day. I will be honored to take photos of your day. My photography packages include all-inclusive wedding day coverage, additional photographer and photobooks. Tell me your love story and check your date.

Romantic, Emotional, Timeless and Spiced with


A recipe which makes remembering a beautiful expiriance, brings tears of happines and a smile to your face.

I'd love to get to know you. Tell me your story and let's capture it and create something unique.